God's Voice to a Resident Neurosurgeon

New Hope International Church got started with Pastor Lao back in 1987 while doing a very challenging neuro-surgery residency at Harbor View Hospital got a call on his heart to take care of the sheep that no one was caring for.  After working sometimes 48 hours straight, Pastor Lao and Pastor Da still daily taught the Bible and held care groups and church services in the basement of their home and thus a God-obeying church was born.


Flash forward to today and our community has grown to 370 weekly attendance and has care groups, children ministry, and youth and young adult ministries throughout the week. Though the size of our church family has changed, our core values have remained the same. New Hope International Church exists to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ, reaching out to unsaved work colleagues, friends, and families and building them to be part of the glorious church for Jesus.

We desire to worship and make famous the name of the one and only true God. We have also planted more than 100 churches within the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Our Team